The idea for this site came while I was researching reuse as an intern for Susan Waite at the Northampton Department of Public Works. My friends and neighbors who knew about my internship would ask me how to get rid of things. They didn’t want to send them to the landfill, but they didn’t know where else to take them.

Many conversations and contributions led to the development of this website. I’m especially thankful to be working with Susan, Debby Slavitt, and the Northampton ReUse Committee.  I look forward to more collaboration with more people as we improve and update the site. If you discover an error or know of a resource I could add to the directory, please let me know, and we’ll be working together to keep usable things out of the landfill. I’m looking for organizations in Western Massachusetts that accept items for reuse, recycle materials not included in standard curbside recycling programs, and repair items free of charge.


Note: The recycling resources included in the directory supplement the standard recycling offered by municipalities. For information about recycling paper, cardboard, and containers, I recommend contacting your city or town.

The information on this site is up-to-date as of April 2017.